Nanophotonics.......the new emerging paradigm where light interacts with nano-scaled structures and brings forth the mysterious world to research.The combination of Photonics and Nanotechnology giving birth to “Nanophotonics” compliments and benefits each other in terms of new functions, materials, fabrication processes and applications. Nanophotonic research activity has been initiated in IIT Delhi in 2005. IIT Delhi has recognized our research as one of the "High-impact research activity" .Currently our research group is operating research projects of worth ~Rs.4.0Crs funded by various funding agencies. Our group is also a part of "Nano-Research Facility" which is worth of ~Rs.50.0Crs. We have a broad network of international and national collaborations.

In Naonophotonics Research Lab our aim is to get expertise in manipulating and fabricating nano and photonic structures.The study is mainly on the synthesis and photonics of nanoparticles and nano-structures in the limits of those sizes, where their structural, physical and optical features are enormously modified. We further extend our studies by incorporating such Quantum size structures into photonic structures for enhanced functionalities. We mainly target such a technology that is inexpensive, environment friendly and for mass-scale production, which do not require any high standard facilities.

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02 Ph.D. openings for 2024-25 session

The area/topics : (1) Nonlinear optics of photonic structures (2) Linear and nonlinear excitons in hybrid semiconductors (3) Optoelectronic and biophotonic studies of light-emitting materials

Fellowship: CSIR/UGC, Institute Fellowship (GATE)

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" Asian Journal of Physics: A Special Issue Dedicated to Prof D Narayana Rao ( University of Hyderabad), Vol 30 , Isssue 6, 2021. Guest Edited By : Prof. G Vijaya Prakash (IIT Delhi), Prof. B Maruthi Manoj (IIT Kharagpur) & Prof. Shivakiran Bhaktha B N (IIT Kharagpur). Journal Link : AJP

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